Group MeetingWe are in the process of planning a new workshop.  Stay tuned for upcoming details.



3 thoughts on “Workshop

  1. Janene Whicker

    Hello. I would appreciate receiving an email for the next workshop. Also, is the general membership $35/yr or month? Thank you.

    • Hi Janene, in response to your question, the general membership is $35/yr. However, you are allowed to attend one meeting free just so you can see what we’re about and if you’d like to join us. We do not have an open meeting in December as that’s the month we have our Awards Banquet, so the next meeting you could attend if you like is our January meeting. We will put you on our workshop mailing list.

      If you have other questions, please let us know.

    • Hi Janene, the Iowa Writers’ Corner meeting is this coming weekend, Saturday, Jan 21, 2017. Check out our website ( for more info.

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